15 Things To Consider Before Renting Your First Apartment


In the next 15 days, Azunus Realty Consult (https://www.azunusrealty.com) would be taking you through “15 Things To Consider Before Renting Your First Apartment.”
Or your second, or third, or…
We have noticed cases where first time home seekers make mistakes that cost them a lot of bucks (GHS). We believe that this education would bridge the gap that home seekers need to make informed decisions when renting.

Day One of 15 Things To Consider Before Renting Your First Apartment

Make Sure You Can Afford It

The question is not only whether you can afford it. It goes beyond just the cost of renting the home to running it. A critical assessment must be made on the running cost and cost of letting. What percentage these amounts form from your salary is an excellent way to know whether you can continue to afford such property or not. Have a checklist to rate a property against. Does it meet your standard and cost demands? If yes, then go for it.


Day Two of 15 Things To Consider Before Renting Your First Apartment

Don’t pay for anything until you have seen the Apartment

No matter how hasty you are, never pay for a property without seeing it. There is a possibility that the property has been misrepresented. If you are busy to check on your property yourself, do get an agent. Depending on an agent in the circumstances like this is worth a while.


Day Three of 15 Things To Consider Before Renting Your First Apartment

If the landlord seems too eager to rent you the place, be careful.

Renting an apartment requires a lot of checks. Checks on the property and its ownership status. Don’t be caught in the web of dealing with wrong people or renting a substandard property.
As a renter, you are supposed to consider these two principles:

    • Nemo Dat Quod Non Habet:
      The basic principle that a person who does not own property, especially a thief, cannot confer it on another except with the true owner’s authority. Hence you need to ensure that the lessor has actual authority to release the property to you. Otherwise, you may have a none existent contract.
    • In addition, buyers (home renters) are advised to beware; Caveat emptor is a Latin term that means “let the buyer beware. You are supposed to perform your own checks on the property which includes the physical structure, checks on ownership and interest and even encumbrances that may exist over the property.

This may be quite technical for you as a first-time renter. Thus why you may need an agent to assist you in making the right decisions.