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Implementation of Sustainable Adaptation; A Case Study of Balme Library, Legon

Balme Library
Balme Library Entrance, Legon

In July 2018, as part of an Architecture and Urbanism Writing Workshop in Accra, I explored the Balme Library at the University of Ghana with Emmanuel Owusu Banahene (an MPhil student at KNUST), Victoria Okoye (an Architecture PhD student from University of Sheffield), and Benedict Acheampong (an undergraduate student studying Architecture at KNUST). This was my first time visiting this library, and it opened me to a new learning experience.

In this article, I consider adaptation as changes to space or building to fit the current needs and usage of its users, using the University of Ghana’s Balme Library as an example. The Balme Library is an example of a structure whose local adaptations of structure respond to societal, economic and environmental changes. Adaptation of buildings to users and uses is emerging as one of the primary requirements in sustaining the performance and lives of buildings.

Historical background of the Balme Library

The Balme Library is the main library of the University of Ghana and centrally located in the university campus. It is a neo-classical masterpiece building with high adaptability and named after the first Principal of University of Ghana, David Mowbray Balme. From the library, I could see the academic area, student’s residences, and the main avenue among others. The location of the library makes it accessible from all directions. Geographically, it is located on latitude 5°39’ 7.054 “N and longitude 0°11′ 13.444″E with an overall elevation of 107 meters. The precursor to the library was a large room in Achimota, which was used until the library was established in 1948 (Bani, 2003). The then facility was a large room with no space for expansion, and the current library structure was built in 1959 (ibid). The new structure then had a capacity for 250,000 books and seating space for 300 persons. The central location of the library with its facilities and the scope of the coverage of the collection make it an essential and vital part of academic life on campus. It exists as a central organ of the university, around which other structures are built (Thompson and Carr 1987).

During our initial transect walk around the library, I noticed the symmetrical nature of the building, like most libraries I have experienced in the past. I also noticed the introduction of new elements to the building since its initial construction: sliding windows, air conditioning, and security systems, among others. I see these elements as a step in the right direction to maintaining the building. Some of the elements are foreign yet relevant to maintain the proper functioning of the building. For example, it would be unsustainable to introduce air conditioning into spaces using timber louvre windows.

Emmanuel Owusu, an MPhil student at KNUST, described the library as a heritage building, noting its significance and the desire for it to be maintained with little or no adaption. I, coming from a land management background, preferred the strategy of sustainable adaption conserve the iconic building. Several historical buildings in Ghana are deteriorating faster than facilities managers could ever imagine. Like Sea View Hotel and Old Parliament House, which were both demolished in 2017, the University of Ghana has the option of demolishing any existing structure or redeveloping it. Provisions for building adaptation are usually made at the design stage of buildings, or society pursues building adaptation as a way to solve the deficiencies in the performance of some buildings and their sustainability. The Balme Library to me is a good example of an adaptable structure, and it has undergone several adaptations over time. In the case of the Balme Library, the university chose the option of maintaining the iconic structure while expanding and modernizing it.

Implementation of sustainable adaptation within the Balme Library
Emmanuel, coming from an architectural background, argued that the introduction of new elements to the library distorted the narrative behind the design. I had opposing views, and our discussion drew my interest to find out the reasoning behind the modifications to the building. In my research, I came across the concept of ‘sustainable adaptions.’ According to the Webster dictionary, adaptation refers merely to the ability to fit. In construction, building adaptation can be referred to “as an intervention to adjust any work done on a building above the intention of maintenance that brings changes in the capacity, the function and the performance of the building”(Kabah, 2011). Adaptations are usually made with particular uses or users in mind. Thus, the uses a structure is tailored for, or users of that structure, become the objective for which a model of adaptation may be adopted. The goal of every adaptation is to fit a particular structure for a purpose or use.

During the visit, I noticed a great use of this adaptive approach to improve the physical performance of Balme Library. During our field visit, I noticed the following additions: security installations, power plants, and thermal insulation to reduce energy loss. A benefit of these adaptations is the improved environmental performance of the building. This added value makes the atmosphere of the library more conducive and suitable for student study. I noticed the use of simple yet elegant modern interim design elements in all areas of the building. White, the primary colour of the building, contributes to a low thermal experience. The position of the elements in each section of the library were strategically located to ease movement and accessibility. No wonder one needs to book before getting access to certain spaces! According to Gabriel Atsu, the university reference librarian, the university has had to impose rates to deter overuse and overstay at sections of the library.

I noticed the incorporation of responsive and energy efficient services such as modern sensors and automatic controls to regulate and control the building. Security systems such as CCTV exist in almost all areas. At each entrance, they have modern scanners, which can detect books taken without permission. Gabriel illustrated this using a book he picked from the circulation office. On the first trial, the security system indicating he carried an “unauthorized book.” Just then the security rushed in. Gabriel returned to the circulation room to officially check out his book. On a second try, the system allowed him passage.
I also noticed design extensions and conversions for easier reuse. According to Gabriel, two new extensions were constructed in 2012. These extensions were winged to the original building. The construction blended with the existing structure as it not only used similar construction materials but connected to the old structure to provide ease of access. The excellent result is in achieving structural links by giving multiple flexible-use facilities within a well-planned layout. The library also has a high-energy efficient fabric, is well insulated and with excellent air and rain tightness, yet adequately ventilated to prevent excessive moisture build-up within the structure. The building in some sections uses natural lighting so as to minimise the use of electricity.

Adaptations included extending access. Wooden ramps have been introduced to maximise access to the building for all users especially disabled people to and around the building. Though the ramps do not exist for every area, it is important to acknowledge the progress that has been made. A look at the ramps reveals they are only recent initiative from the university. During our visit, Benedict Acheampong pointed out that the initiative may be a response to the recent passage of The Disability Act that mandated all institutions to have disability access ways. The new extensions had also incorporated ramps.
Heritage features of the Balme library such as the clock have been maintained and adapted for conservation purposes. During the field survey, my team and I tried to understand the architectural meaning of the wall clock. Emmanuel Owusu stated that the clock is of European origin and is mostly found in many European universities to encourage punctuality. A lot of trees and other ecologically important vegetation on the site has been preserved. The vegetation comprises of mainly grasses, palms, flowers and other relevant tree species.

I was curious to hear from other patrons about their experiences about the library. I engaged two students, a man and a woman, in a conversation. From the conversations, they both noted the ease and conduciveness of the Balme Library for their studies. The man commented that the atmosphere within the library was cool and quiet, and thus made concentration easy. The woman said that she loved the library for its elegant design.


Adapting buildings is not just about making them suitable for today’s uses and conditions. It goes beyond only current usage and users to future usage and users. It is also concerned with making them ideal for occupancy requirements and weather conditions in later years. The Balme Library as far as I can judge is sustainably adapted to its users and function. Right from construction, provisions have been made for future extensions and incorporation of certain services. I believe that this approach can be adopted and replicated with other heritage buildings. The Balme Library remains one of Ghana’s most significant heritage sites that is also a repository of Ghanaian culture embodied in its extensive book collection. Concerning future adaptations, the Balme Library Estate managers must develop standards that will conserve vital elements of the structure.


Bani, E. K. (2003) ‘Ghanaian university libraries and their image projection.’ Journal of Science and Technology, pp. 48–53.

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Why You Need To Do a Property Valuation of Your Properties

Why do a Property valuation


Property valuation is at the core of the property selling process. It is important for everyone involved in the buying and selling of property to know how much the property being sold is worth from the very start. This is to help you negotiate a fair asking price and for the buyer to grasp the current state of the local market.

What is Property Valuation?

Property Valuation or appraisal is the process of determining the worth of a property whether land, buildings or other properties.

A person may need property valuation if they want to sell or purchase a property or rent or let out a property. Property Valuation is also important to secure a loan or for taxation purposes.

Estimating the worth of a property requires the experience and expertise of a valuer. A valuer is a professional whose job is to determine and say how much a property is worth.


Processes Involved In Property Valuation

We will look at an instance where an investor is seeking to sell his house.

Looking for a professional Valuer

Before the asking price is fixed, the owner would look for a professional valuer to determine the market value of his house and present the documents of the property to him.

Inspection of Property

The valuer will visit the house and conduct an external and internal inspection, taking pictures and even asking the owner questions about the property. The valuer will evaluate the land component of the property, which can make up a significant proportion of the property’s total value.

The valuer will also assess the size, shape, aspect, and topography of the land as well as the zoning and development potential. Inside the property, the valuer will measure the size of the building and take note of the number and type of rooms, the property’s age and condition, its fixtures and fittings, its design and layout, and any unique characteristics that could affect the value.

Interestingly, valuers look at many of the same things that a prospective home buyer would look for when assessing a potential purchase. The reason is that overall home buyers make up the majority of the market for real estate and therefore play a major role in determining “market value”.

Determine the value of the property

The Valuer would also compare the property with other properties in the neighborhood that has been sold currently. He would then use his expertise to determine the value of the house.


Factors that are Consider In Property Valuations

  1. Location of the building: First, the value of your building is based on where it is located. Different neighborhoods affects the value of a building. The neighborhood’s value is based on multiple factors including its crime rate, how close it is to schools, shopping centres, and access or transportation to and from the home. Also, comparable prices of homes up for sale or recently sold in the area is also considered. Values of houses in urban areas can go down based on vacant lots or condemned properties in the vicinity, and pricing in rural areas can decline depending on road access and land use nearby. The location of your building, therefore, goes a long to affect the value of your property.
  2. Structural Construction Materials and Updates: Construction materials used to build the foundation of your home is considered as important in appraising your home. A house built recently with modern materials, or updated to use modern materials will hold a higher value than a home that hasn’t been updated since it was originally built decades ago. Changing or updating other materials like the roof, windows will also add to your home appraisal value because they improve the overall efficiency and safety of the structure of the home.
  3. Age of the Home: How long your building has lasted will also be a factor in its appraisal value. This does not mean that a newer home, for instance, would always have a higher value than an older one. However, new homes that were built within the last 10 to 20 years are less likely to have major issues, so there’s lower risk in buying them. This will, therefore, increase the home appraisal value. Older homes that are located in historic districts or have been maintained very well for decades will also have a high appraisal. This means that new buildings that are poorly built and show signs of weakness would have a low value. An old building too that has not been properly taken care of would also have a low value.
  4. Number of Bedrooms: The number of bedrooms in your home has will also increase your home appraisal value. The home appraiser will compare your home to other homes in the area with the same number of bedrooms to make a value comparison.
  5. Recent Home Renovations: If the home has undergone large home renovations since the last time it was appraised, this will also contribute to the home appraisal value. Newly updated kitchens and bathrooms hold a lot of value in today’s market, so an appraiser will take these renovations into consideration when determining the value of your home. Before putting your home on the market, choosing high impact areas of your home to renovate could have large returns on the appraisal value of your home.
  6. The Current Real Estate Market: Finally, the current real estate market has a large influence on how your home is appraised. Homes appraised during a time where there’s a market that’s saturated with many buyers and not enough inventory to accommodate all of them will be appraised higher. On the other hand, your home appraisal value during a market that’s saturated with many homes and little buyers will be appraised lower.


Why You Must Value Your House Right after Building

It is very important to value your house right after building. The reasons include the following;

  1. Price Setting: Firstly, Property Valuation helps you know the value of your house so as to determine the selling price for it. It gives you a trained professional’s point of view on the fair market value of the home. This helps the seller to set a price for the home that is in line with the value of the house. This is to avoid pricing your house too below or way above its original value.
  2. Helps Home Buyers: Knowing the value of a home also helps buyers to ensure that the money they are paying for the house is proportional to the value of the house. This is necessary to prevent being cheated or paying too low for a property. It also educates them on the state of the local market.
  3. Securing Loans: Valuations are most often used by lenders to determine the value of the assets being used as security for a loan. This means that when securing a loan, the value of your house would be required to ensure that it is worthy to be used as a collateral. Also, the value of your building is also needed to calculate how much the bank or lenders are willing to lend. So valuing your house right after building would make the process of securing a loan faster as you would have all the necessary details needed to calculate the amount that can be lent to you and whether you can use your home as a collateral or not.
  4. Knowledge: Valuing your home helps you know the value of your building. It also opens you up to certain factors that affect the value of a building. With such knowledge, you can readily improve your old building or work on future buildings in such a way as to increase its value according to the state of the local market.


Where to Get Professional Property Valuers

You may be wondering where you can get a professional valuer to determine the market value of your house. While it may be difficult to find a professional valuer sometimes, it is very possible to access one who would have the patience to go through all the process involved in determining the fair market value of your house.

Azunus  Realty Consult has a team of professional valuers who are ready to help you with your property valuation. We combine the qualification, expertise and professionalism of our property valuers in getting your commercial or residential property or bank loan appraisals done.

With many years of experience in the field, we guide you through the process of determining the value of your property to enable your sale or rent of the property or your use of it as a collateral for bank loans etc.

Integrity and professionalism are key at Azunus Realty Consult. This means that our team of expert valuers can be trusted to go through the various process of property valuation as explained above.

We believe in building lasting relationship with our clients. Therefore, no matter the size of your budget, you can benefit from our services as our charges are relatively low. We provide expert valuation services for all properties ranging from residential to commercial properties.

Defending the Land Market in Ghana

Defending the Land Market

The structures of the land market will ever remain malnourished until we all stand to face the guilt of our own actions and inactions.

There has always been this idea about our land markets being weak and malfunctioned. That is true, but we all have to bear in mind that the immediate cause of the weakness in our land markets attributes to none but our own selves. Users of the land have turned to be a thorn in their own flesh. I sometimes listen to my lecturers and say “you are doing a great job”. However, the system of education has produced what I call ‘book-based graduates’ hence has left graduates less practically minded.

There have been scary land investment forms springing up in our markets which scare away the less privileged from making demands for land. This issue of investment has come to create a discrepant land market for us today. Different forms of investment have emerged in the land market necessitating the demand for lands. We hear of land speculation, land gazumping, and other forms of investment, which I call ‘Land hoarding techniques’.

In the investment world and inasmuch as there are other tangible reasons to some of these practices, and how perfectly they are accepted, there is the contrary view, an insatiable demand for land, and persisting unfair distribution of resources across the length and breadth of the society. How long will we continue to hoard lands?

Management is another terrible actor we can talk of. There is weak human capacity on the side of management. Continuous mismanagement persists in the land sector. As stated earlier, our system of education has produced some of them as so, thus (book-based). Nonetheless, these people have got to start building their capacities.

It is even more striking to realise that our able land lawyers have failed us in regulatory enactments to guard our land markets. They only read acts and instruments and go back to sleep on them whether such instruments are adhered or not they care less. It becomes more frightening when they resolve a case using different laws that contradict one another. Our lawyers and lawmakers must stand on their feet to save us from the shame.

Before I rest my case, I will like to ask my last question of concern, when will Ghanaians learn to adopt a particular system of land administration? In the days of our fathers, we practised our customary administration of land happily until the white man came and introduced another form of administration. Today, we have combined these two systems and things are not working out for us. I sometimes ask if we are waiting for another white man to come and tell us to adopt a particular system of administration. The answer I leave it to as all.

However, on a personal basis, it is high time we paid no recognition to the modern system of land administration and gave more attention and emphasis on improving and restructuring our customary land administration.

It is worthy to understand that these practices and systems of administration have their good and bad sides; nonetheless, it is high time we all (the land actors) realized that the rise and fall of our land market is the core mandate of each and every one of us.
Let us by this article, acknowledge our guilt and rehearse the voice of I STAND TO PROTECT THE DIGNITY OF THE LAND MARKET


Why You Must Use The Services of Real Estate Agents for Buying and Selling of Properties

Real Estate Agents

Why Must I Use the Services of Real Estate Agents?

 Real estate agents are the cornerstones in the Real Estate field. Engaging in Real Estate without a real estate agent by your side as a buyer or a seller of Real Estate property is like going to court without having an attorney to represent you in front of the judge.

Renting or buying or selling a property in Ghana can be a frustrating and stressful activity. For buyers, the stress begins from identifying the preferred property to contacting sellers to negotiating a fair price to dealing with issues surrounding the property after purchase. For sellers, the problem arises from marketing their property to getting the right buyers to buy at a good price.

This makes the need for a Real Estate agent and a professional one as that very important. Although it is possible to carry out your real estate transactions without an agent, why would you want to go through all the stress by yourself?

Having an agent by your side makes the process much easier, and gives you an advantage through the experience and knowledge that real estate agents can bring to the negotiations table.

Who Is A Real Estate Agent?

Real estate agents are licensed professionals who negotiate and arrange the buying and selling in real estate transactions. Their mission is to complete a transaction between the buyer and seller.

They are mostly responsible for representing either the buyer, the seller, or both in a real estate transaction. They act as a consultant to buyers or sellers using their knowledge and expertise to help you in either buying or purchasing a property.

If you need to sell a property, you would need the service of a Real Estate agent who would help you get buyers to buy your property at a good price. Also, if you are looking to buy a property, you would need a Real Estate agent to get you the preferred property at a bargained rate.

Whether you want to sell or buy a property,  you would meet with the agent and show him the property you want to sell or the specification of the property you want to buy. They would then help you find buyers for your property and for buyers, they will help you find sellers of properties.

Types of Real Agents

You will need to know the different kind of agents so as to help you make informed decisions in your work with agents. There are three types of Real Estate agents, the selling agent, buying agent and the dual agent. Depending on whether you want to sell or buy, you would need one of the above.

Selling Agents

Selling agents are appropriate for people looking to sell the properties. Selling agents help sellers to sell their properties by representing the seller in dealing with buyers. They perform responsibilities such as marketing the property and advertising it as well as handling tours around the property. Again, they research the market and compare the different prices of properties to help determine the asking price of the property. They also present offers from potential buyers to the seller and help them decide on the best offer. They also negotiate the terms of the sale on behalf of the seller.

Buying Agents

Buying agents represents buyers in getting them their specified property. They help buyers of property throughout the entire process of finding, analyzing, and comparing properties as well as the process of negotiating and closing the deal. They listen to investors and understand their priorities and needs, and help them achieve their goals.

They also contact seller agents and identify the best available deals as well as give suggestions for the financing of the investment. Not only that, buyer agents also write the necessary documents and agreements, such as the purchase offer and the purchase-and-sale agreement and review disclosure statements and help investors understand what problems might exist on the property.

Dual Agents

Dual agents represent both buyers and sellers in Real Estate transactions. Thus they provide the responsibilities of the selling agent and the buying agent for the same transactions.

Importance of Using  Agents

Importance of working with  agents include the following;

Connection to Experts

Real estate agents have connections in the market to benefit buyers and sellers of property. They work with many people involved in the real estate transaction process, including loan officers, home inspectors and attorneys. Agents are able to use such connections in your favour. They use their connection with experts in the field to help you in either buying or selling a property.

For instance, if you want to sell your property, an agent can help you find a professional property appraisal to determine the value of the property. Also, if you need lawyers to advise on the property or the neighbourhood in which the property is situated, they can help you with that. Again, if you need a home inspection but can’t find anyone to do the job before the lender’s deadline, your agent may have an inspector she has a relationship with who will help.

Knowledge of the Real Estate Market

Knowledge of the real estate market is very important for buyers and sellers of Real Estate property. An agent can give a buyer informed opinions about the home’s future value, the neighbourhood amenities and schools and whether the investment is solid. An agent can also use their market knowledge to help sellers in selling their property through using it to market the property to get the highest price.

Negotiation Edge

Buyers and sellers both negotiate the cost of the property. The buyer is looking to get the property at the lowest price, while the seller wants the highest price possible. Agents use their experience to the price negotiations to provide advice to their party without actively interfering. Your agent can help you evaluate the pros and cons of each offer you receive. An agent helps with the legal paperwork required for offers so your interests remain protected during the negotiations.


Buying or selling a home involves a lot of paperwork and is a complex process with different deadlines. Since an agent has experience in real estate transactions, he can use her knowledge to ensure the process goes smoothly and nothing important is missed. If you have any questions about the papers you’re signing, your agent will help you and get the answers if she doesn’t know.

Why You Need to Use a Professional Real Estate Agent

In Ghana, many have lost the interest in using the services of agents in either selling or buying of their property. This is because the integrity of agents is mostly doubted. Depending on the kind of agent you will need, it’s crucial to get a professional agent and not just any agent.

You would need to work with a professional agent because of these various factors;


A professional agent has integrity. That means that they know the value of words. They say what they mean and mean what they say. A professional agent means it when he tells you that he can get you your specified property within a price range you can afford. If they can’t get you your specified property at a rate within your range, they will let you know and advise you accordingly.

This means that there’s no chance of being tossed to and fro or getting disappointed due to unmet expectations. Professional agents have integrity and value relationships so they act with you in a manner that would make you comfortable and get you to trust them.


Professional agents give the right information you need to know about a property you want to sell or purchase.

For buyers, a professional agent won’t convince you to buy a house with poor interior conditions for his selfish gains. If the interior condition of the property is not good, he is mandated to be truthful to you. Again, if the community where the property is situated is not profitable for the kind of venture you want to use the property for, he would let you know and provide the necessary advice.

For sellers, if the condition or surroundings of the property is likely to affect the price or fast sales, a professional agent would advise you accordingly.


A professional agent should work in the interest of his Client. That means that he should ensure that he is fair in his dealings with you. Because he is acting as your representative in either buying or selling a property, a professional agent would ensure to represent you in the best way possible.

For instance, he won’t ask a higher price from buyers instead of the actual price of the property. Again, he won’t manipulate you to buy a property above the actual cost. He will make you buy your specified property at the fair price or sell your property at the actual price.


A professional agent has all the patience to walk you through your real estate dealing. He is patient to listen to you for your specifications and work with it or advice you accordingly.

Even when your specifications change or in times when you are unwilling to compromise, a process agent would have the patient to provide quality consultancy for you till you are convinced to make a final choice.

All these show that it is very important to get professional agents to help you in buying or selling a property.

Disadvantages of Working with Unprofessional Real Estate Agents

There are so many disadvantages of using unprofessional agents. Not only do they act unprofessionally, but their actions go to the extent of causing you to lose money, purchase a house that’s not of your interest, get a building in an unfavourable neighbourhood or get you a home that many issues with both exterior and interior conditions.

Using Experts Against You

Whiles professional agents can use connections with experts in the Real Estate or other fields in your favour, unprofessional agents are likely to use them against you.

For instance, instead of a fair report from a home inspector, an unprofessional agent can use their connection to lure the inspector to give a wrong report of the house. For instance, there may be problems with the wiring of the building you want to purchase which may cause future problems but an unprofessional agent may get the home inspector to ignore it and make you buy the house for his personal gains.


An unprofessional agent is likely to manipulate you to either buy or sell your property at a price that would favour him. They are likely to extort you because you do not have direct access to the buyer or seller.

For instance, if your selling agent is unprofessional, he can price your property so high so that he can have his own share after selling the property aside his commission. In that case, it could take a very long time to sell your property as many buyers would be unwilling to buy. An unprofessional buying agent can also manipulate you to buy a house at a fairly higher price for selfish reasons causing you to lose money.


Since agents are trusted to have knowledge about the market, an unprofessional agent is likely to give you wrong information concerning the condition of the property or the safety of the neighbourhood in which the property is situated or the value of the property for his own interest. For instance, they can tell you that houses in your neighbourhood are sold at a lower price than your estimated price. He can also deceive buyers to buy properties at a higher price than the actual price.


A professional agent would have the time to listen to you to get your preferred property and help you get the exact or similar property to buy. An unprofessional agent, on the other hand, can manipulate you to buy a property that is not of your interest or a property that is in an unfavourable neighbourhood for his own selfish gains. For sellers, he can manipulate you to sell your property at a lower rate to a buyer because of a relationship with the buyer or gains from the buyer. This can cause you to lose a lot of money.

Where to Get Professional Real Estate Agents

Due to this, every seller or buyer of Real Estate property must get access to professional agents that they can trust. If you are finding difficulty in getting a professional agent, you can find one at Azunus Realty Consult. We serve as buyers and selling agents for different transactions. We do not serve as the buyer and selling agent of the same transactions.

Our Real Estate agents are trustworthy to ensure fair transaction between sellers and buyers of Real Estate. We do not side with sellers against buyers or with buyers against sellers. We believe that a transparent work between sellers and buyers of Real Estate property is key. We also establish a trustworthy relationship with all our clients.

We are governed by Core Values such as trustworthiness which means that we strive to act in a way that builds trust with all our clients. We are also guided by Integrity which means that we walk our talk. That is, we say what we mean and we mean what we say.

Again, we are governed by professionalism which means we combine the competence, knowledge, resourcefulness, quality, attitude, diligence, and cooperation of our agents to provide quality Real Estate agency services for our clients. Lastly, we are dedicated to the success of our client. This means that you can trust us to get professional agents for your real estate ventures.

No matter the size of your budget, you can work with us as our rates are relatively low. If you are looking at working with a professional agent who wouldn’t add more burdens to your already stressed mind, but relieve you of the load of having to run around to either sell or buy a property, then Azunus Realty Consult is the Solution.

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What is Azunus Realty Consult? Your trusted Real Partner in Ghana

Azunus Realty Consult. Real Estate Firm

Profile of Azunus Realty Consult

Welcome to your trusted Realty Partner in Ghana. Azunus Realty Consult is the best for all the consultancy you need in the field of Real Estate. We use a team of professional and experienced Real Estate Agents, property valuers, Architects, constructors and researchers to provide quality consultancy and services in Real Estate agency, property valuation, building plans and designs, Real Estate development and construction, Real Estate Investment as well as research.

At Azunus Realty Consult, we are committed to providing professional and expert advice and services in the field of Real Estate. Being committed to building lasting relationship, we ensure transparency and integrity in our work with clients.

For your convenience, our team is available all throughout to give you all the information and services you need in your Real Estate ventures. Our joy is to see you make informed decisions and get access to quality services that yield viable results in your Real Estate business.

We specialized in helping clients who are new in the Real Estate business to make the most out of it and mitigate risks involved in Real Estate investments. Our team’s diverse expertise and experiences means that you can trust us for accurate data, trusted advice and quality services in your Real Estate venture.

Let’s us free you from the stress of going up and down to ensure you are on the right path in your Real Estate dealings. As our slogan reads, we are your trusted realty partner. If you need someone to walk with through getting all the consultancy and services you need in the field of Real Estate, we will always be there for you. At Azunus Realty Consult, you are assured of quality consultancy and services within the field of Real Estate.


To provide quality and affordable Real Estate and Land management consultancy services through the use of our expertise, professionalism and integrity to create a new face in the Real Estate industry that ensures successful and stress free Real Estate Ventures.



To become the leading name in providing quality and affordable Real Estate and Land Management Consultancy that create viable Real Estates ventures in Ghana.

Launch of Therealtyfinder.com Real Estate Portal


A look at Ghana’s home and property space can tell any real estate enthusiast that in spite of the housing deficiency in Ghana, there is a high vacancy rate. Though lack of funds may be a primary reason for the high vacancy rates, the inability of home seekers locate their dream homes and location is yet another challenge.

Despite the increase in the housing stocks in recent times, vacancies rates are still rising with worse housing conditions. Research undertaking by Azunus Realty Consult indicates a disconnect between Real estate developers and home seekers in Ghana. Thus to say, home developers either develop for a non-existing market or home seekers are not able to locate their desired properties due to non-availability of data.  Therealtyfinder.com was designed to bridge this gap and connect developers and prospective property buyers at the click of a button.

Therealtyfinder.com is an innovative tool developed by Azunus Realty Consult, a Real Estate and Land Management base consultancy located in Ghana. A trust realty partner that is changing the real estate industry in Ghana and beyond. It serves as a data centre for property appraisers, developments and investments in Ghana. Now, developers can have adequate data on the demand for home seekers. Therealtyfinder.com would also serve as a source of data for property appraisers doing comparative analysis. For new investors and developers, it gives them a gist about the housing stock against the various types of properties.

Therealtyfinder.com being the well-tailored property trusted portal in Ghana is estimated to have a monthly traffic of about 4 million monthly unique visitors and about 30000 real estate properties by2019. Therealtyfinder.com would be partnering with leading Property Developers and graduate students in the Land sector to redefine the property market. We envision the possibility of bridging the disconnect and knowledge gap of the industry. This platform is robust yet simple and easy to use.

Therealtyfinder.com Portal is set to be launch on the Ist of September 2018. Watch out for hot deals as the portal is launched. Follow this website for more details on the unveiling of the real estate portal.

Designed by Facio Innovations Technology. Check other Software Projects by Facio Innovations Technology here. Check their website Portfolio here.

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