How to Acquire and Register a Land in Ghana


Acquiring lands in Ghana is something that involves a lot. Without experience, therefore, one is likely to get into several problems. Many people who have bought lands without any experience have either lost it or have had to fight for it in court.  Since we would always need lands for agricultural or building or leasing purposes, it is necessary to find out the right way of acquiring and registering lands in Ghana.

Before we delve into the process and procedures for purchasing land in Ghana, let us update ourselves with the various forms of interest that exist over land and persons they are vested in.

Land Ownership in Ghana

    1. STOOL/ SKIN LANDS: These are lands under the custodianship of various chiefs
    2. INDIVIDUAL/PRIVATE LANDS: These are lands owned by individuals and private entities.
    3. FAMILY LANDS: These are lands managed by Heads of families assisted by principal members of the families.
    4. STATE AND STOOL VESTED LANDS: These are lands managed by the Lands Commission

Types of Interest in Land

A Legal interest in a land refers to the legally enforceable right to possess or use property.  When acquiring a land, it is necessary to find out the period within which you can use it to avoid future problems. These are some types of land interests:

The Allodial Title