Launch of Real Estate Portal : Buy, rent or sale of residential & commercial property in Ghana.


A look at Ghana’s home and property space can tell any real estate enthusiast that in spite of the housing deficiency in Ghana, there is a high vacancy rate. Though lack of funds may be a primary reason for the high vacancy rates, the inability of home seekers locate their dream homes and location is yet another challenge.

Despite the increase in the housing stocks in recent times, vacancies rates are still rising with worse housing conditions. Research undertaking by Azunus Realty Consult indicates a disconnect between Real estate developers and home seekers in Ghana. Thus to say, home developers either develop for a non-existing market or home seekers are not able to locate their desired properties due to non-availability of data. was designed to bridge this gap and connect developers and prospective property buyers at the click of a button. is an innovative tool developed by Azunus Realty Consult, a Real Estate and Land Management base consultancy located in Ghana. A trust realty partner that is changing the real estate industry in Ghana and beyond. It serves as a data centre for property appraisers, developments and investments in Ghana. Now, developers can have adequate data on the demand for home seekers. would also serve as a source of data for property appraisers doing comparative analysis. For new investors and developers, it gives them a gist about the housing stock against the various types of properties. being the well-tailored property trusted portal in Ghana is estimated to have a monthly traffic of about 4 million monthly unique visitors and about 30000 real estate properties by2019. would be partnering with leading Property Developers and graduate students in the Land sector to redefine the property market. We envision the possibility of bridging the disconnect and knowledge gap of the industry. This platform is robust yet simple and easy to use. Portal is set to be launch on the Ist of September 2018. Watch out for hot deals as the portal is launched. Follow this website for more details on the unveiling of the real estate portal.

Designed by Facio Innovations Technology. Check other Software Projects by Facio Innovations Technology here. Check their website Portfolio here.


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