Property Valuation

Property Valuation

Property Valuation or appraisal is the process of determining the worth of a property whether land, buildings or other properties. A person may need property valuation if they want to sell or purchase a property or rent or let out a property. Property Valuation is also important to secure a loan or for taxation purposes.

Estimating the worth of a property requires the experience and expertise of a valuer. A valuer is a professional whose job is to determine and say how much a property is worth.

To know the worth of your property be it, a land or a building, the first thing to do  is to make sure all the legal documents of the property in question are available. The next step is to find a trustworthy valuer. The valuer would ask for the property document and would go and see the property.

The valuer values the worth of the property based on  the dimensions of the property, the type of building materials used, the interior condition, an assessment of the neighbourhood’s characteristics and analysis of similar properties in the locality, which have sold or have been leased around the date the valuation is undertaken. The property is then put up for sale/rent at the price that was determined by the valuer. The property gets sold and the owner gets their money.

At Azunus Realty consult, we  combine the the qualification, expertise and professionalism of our property valuers in getting your commercial or residential property or bank loan appraisals done at your convenience. With many years of experience in the field, we guide you through the process of determining the value of your property to enable your sale or rent of the property or your use of it as a collateral for bank loans.

Integrity and professionalism are key at Azunus Realty Consult. This means that our team of expert valuers can be trusted to go through the various process of property valuation such as assessing the exterior & interior condition of the property, the neighborhood and similar properties in the neighborhood which have been currently been sold or leased out as well as the market conditions among many other factors and determine the worth of the building.

We believe in building lasting relationship with our clients. Therefore, no matter the size of your budget, you can benefit from our flexible payment plans. We provide expert valuation services for all properties ranging from residential to commercial properties.

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