Why Must I Use an Architect in Designing all my Building Plans

Building Plans

Building Plans and Designs

Architectural plans/ building plans are designs and plans for buildings and contain architectural drawings, specifications of the design, calculations, time planning of the building process, and other documentation. All building projects require the services of a building designer, typically a licensed architect or structural engineer.

Process Involved In Designing Building Plans

Many processes are involved in designing a plan. They include the following;

  1. Preliminary research: This is where you examine your current home, lifestyle, and your budget. Here, you also seek advice from designers and decide on how you want your house or building to be like.
  2. Choose your designer: Choosing the right designer for your project is the most important step on the path to your new home. Engage a designer based on their experience, qualifications and demonstrated the capacity to deliver the type and style of the home described in your brief and for your climate zone. Seek references from previous clients and, where possible, visit homes that the designer has completed.
  3. Site analysis: Visit the site with your designer to do a ‘SWOT’ analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats). This is your first opportunity to work with your designer to see if your objectives align. It can take the form of a paid consultation or can be part of the design contract outlined in the next step.
  4. Concept designs: Designers often prepare several concept designs to communicate their thinking and allow you to assess them against your brief. They can range from a simple bubble diagram sketch on the back of an envelope, through to hand-drawn concepts of form and spatial arrangements.
  5. Final design: Make your final design.

Importance of Using Professional Architects in Designing Building Plans

  1. Great understanding of your needs: Professional architects listen to you to get your designed concept and translate their vision into an architectural expression that complies with building codes.
  2. Better building designs: Professional architects are well equipped to tie your lifestyle with your home or preference with your building. They can deliver more interesting and creative spaces that work with the natural elements of the site and surroundings, all while factoring in budgets, schedules, building codes and zoning requirements.
  3. Avoiding design errors: Professional architects are able to avoid errors. Specifically, those included in plan books or with lack of experience. Planning and having well-detailed ideas on paper saves in the end. Through continued education and experience, professional architects are trained to know the most up-to-date best practices and superior designs.
  4. Creating solutions: Professional architects are experienced at creating big spaces with small budgets by finding creative solutions to complex questions. It is common for unexpected and unknown issues to arise during any project. A professional architect minimises and navigates the unknown through careful planning, research and understanding of the space throughout the entire design process.
  5. They help you choose the right materials and finishes: Their knowledge of a wide range of materials enables them to recommend the materials for your project, based on budget requirements, proportions, and functionality of the space.
  6. Negotiation with contractors: Processional architects can handle the tough aspects of contract negotiations on your behalf, while checking for accuracy in the implementation of design throughout the construction process, maintaining a clear understanding between all involved.


Where to Find Professional Architects for all your Building Plans

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